"Berlin, Berlin, we're off to Berlin"

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2018

“Berlin is a huge city but a very beautiful one. Historical but at the same time modern.” (Abdulkader Sultan) On Thursday, the 28th of June we started this year’s CompEng trip to Berlin at Bochum main station. Also on board were three exchange students from our partner programme at VGU in Vietnam who are currently in Germany to finish their Master's thesis. We dared to take on an experimental journey solely with regional trains and even though we changed trains three times, we managed to reach Berlin without any losses. Berlin as the German capital city offers a rich historical as well as an affluent cultural heritage.

The first agenda highlight was our visit to the BMW motorcycle factory on Friday. Our students were able to get an insight into the production and fabrication. During the informative tour through the factory, we were able to see the single item production system as well as the motor manufacturing. The usage of CNC milling machines was demonstrated. In small groups we experienced the different stages of production along the assembly line and the final quality control.

Saturday morning after breakfast, we took a walk to the German Technical Museum where we got a guided tour through the aviation department. With more than 40 aircraft, the exhibition focuses on 200 years of German aviation history from a technical and cultural point of view. We learned about the history of hot-air balloons, about Lilienthal’s daring flight experiments and the usage of aircrafts as weapons. After the tour, the students had enough time to explore the different exhibitions on the extensive grounds of the museum.

In the afternoon, it was time for our traditional city tour. We drove through Berlin by bus and got a comprehensive overview of the city’s broad history and development, learned about its architecture, culture and different districts. The dimension of the city became clear as one student stated: “I don't think 3 days are enough to visit the city, I am already planning to visit this amazing city again.” (Ankit Verma)

Our agenda allowed our students to use their free time to stroll through the city on their own. The cultural richness left no room for boredom since there is so much to experience. Hot spots like the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag or the Oberbaumbrücke were visited and explored. As the world cup is currently taking place, some of the students enjoyed the exciting atmosphere watching the public live TV broadcasts of the various games everywhere in the city.

Our way back on Sunday was complicated due to train delays and cancellations but this couldn’t bend the mood. We reached Bochum Sunday afternoon tired but happy. We had a great time in Berlin and are already looking forward to our next trip!

A special shout out to the RUB Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences and FSVK, who considerably helped to realize this trip with their financial support.