Research Networks at our Department

The following research projects and networks are currently underway at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering:

DFG - Collaborative Research Project 837

A major focus of the Collaborative Research Project 837 is the development of numerical models, computer-based simulations and innovative design concepts to capture the complex interaction among all aspects of mechnanized tunneling, including models of the ground soil, the tunnel boring machine model used, the grounting and tunnel support, excavation methods, simulation of the built-up area and others.

DFG - Research Group 1498

This research group looks at mechanisms involved before and during the alkali-silicic acid-reaktion (AKR) process that occurs during structural concrete deterioration.

DFG - Research Group 797

We intend to address the need for a fundamental understanding of the physical origin, the mathematical behavior, and the numerical treatment of models which include microstructure.

DFG - Research Group 2363

The main goal of this research group is the development of methods to judge alternative building plans in early planning phases on the basis of simulation and analysis tools.